Wednesday, September 30, 2009

life has beeen BUSY.
meet up meet up meet up.
to my 3F03 darlings,
sorry i cant meet up with you before i leave.
i know its sudden and stuff.
well count down, 5 more days await me.
there are tons of things i cant wait to teach the kiddos there. :D:D
and all the countless activity i can imagine them doing with me.
plus in another language.

GOD i need the strength!
i'm embracing the future with much anticipation and excitement.
indeed GOD is good and gracious in showing me the path to walk and take till the end of the year.

something to look forward to:
my home coming! :D and youth camp camp camp!
mummy and daddy has agreed that di and i can go to camp together!
after which i will settle down doing ( insert GOD's plan here) :D:D

LORD thank you for teaching me how to trust and wait.
i'm awaiting the next instruction of my life.
this is so exciting it feels like i'm playing treasure hunt! :X

please do pray for me as i make this trip to this foreign land.
let's keep in touch via email.
the internet there's much much slower then sg, but at least theres internet la.
and all you out there, thanks for all the encouragement and support you've given me all this while. :D

vroom vrooom,
my only desire is to do my father's will.

missing much! :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm back back back from cambodia.
to be honest,
i do have mixed feelings about being back in sg.
my thoughts constantly wondering over to cambodia.
it's so tiring to keep thinking and missing the things there.
it's like a rip in the heart to be honest.

so i went over to bff's place to watch BOYS over FLOWERS to try to get thigns off my mind.
and now, i'm back home.

the 9 days spent in cambodia
has really taught me much stuff.
and i really do thank and give praise to the LORD,
for constantly uplifting us up, day after day.
moment by moment .
i could really feel the love of christ being transmitted amongst all of us.
imagine us if we werent one in the bond of the love of christ.
i think our trip wont have been that successful.
so i praise the lord and thank him.
for he's the one who unites us.

one body, one sprit, one love.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

exams are over! :D:D
wheeee. so my exam freee life is here! :D:D
it's really been a bitter sweet journey.
i'll really miss you guys.
all the silly and things we did.
all the time we shared in the last sem,
i'll truly miss you guys. :D


my weekends were great,
i went out with wen xin dear yesterday!
we chatt like two aunties like that. ahahhas
i really really missed this babe la!
really thank GOD for allowing us to be able to catch up. :D:D

thanks girl for you birthday treat! :D <3
i cant wait for this thurs, this time feli will be joining us! :D:D
yay cam whore time yes! :D

and since exams are over, i'll be going off in like 5 days time.
yay! i'm so so so excited.
at the same time, i'll miss so many things here.
so please please update me when i'm back. ;D

thankyou GOD, for granting me my birthday wish,
though i wasnt wished happy birthday, the smile and chat was good enough.
:D i hope things keep up this way. :D:D thanks for being there.
human love just complicates things when they come at the wrong time.
*prefect love casts out all fear

blessed week peeps! :D
GOD thank you for loving and saving me, and giving me this promise :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

hey all thanks for all the pleasant suprises, birthday wishes, time spent, to make my 20th such a memorable and great day.
i really enjoyed myself and i really feel so very blessed with each one of ur wishes; be it text messages, fb messages , manual wishes.
because each wish has taken up some time and
i'm so very greatful you shared it with me.
each wish has just made my day even better and ALL your love has filled my heart.
i'm deeply touched <3

this post is dedicated to you! :D
time line: 14th aug to 16th aug.

my blessed BIRTHDAY !!!

it all began on friday: with a meet up with my old buddy, arul. ahhaas. met up at Fish & co. right after he booked out and changed. :D
chit-chatted and caught up with old times. :D
after that, bff and her bf, came over to my place. thanks guys!
especially daniel who doesnt know me so well, but took time off to accompany my dearest sweetest bff, aishah to my place to COUNT DOWN for me. :D
we played uno-stacko while waiting for 12 to come.

daniel and aishah. :D
of which of the almost 5 rounds of uno stacko, i lost twice, so i owe bff 20 piano pieces :( wish me all the best cause i will die playing X)
my hands will jus die playing continuous 20 pieces of length approx 4 pages each.

our finally awaited 12 mid- night! also know as my 20th birthday.

bff suprised me with this wonderful tasting cake.
flavour: banana chocolate. see the many fruits on it, apparently it's baked my bff's sister.
big thankyou! :D:D
fyi, it's my first time eating macaroons. :D:D

next, she took out my pressies; so touching ok!
she got me a musical box playing one of my fav jazz songs ; what a wonderful world.

and she also got me:

A BIG and HUGE MR toufu! which i can huggg and study now.
espically since i'm mugging like a szb. ahhaas.

wishes received: tirzah,shu sian,anil, ivy, grace (darling), grace mew (honey) , wen xin, jasmine (np) ,
saturday, 15th aug, 7 am till end of day.
wishes received: yao zong, aiysah, alfred (uncle), peh see, fong eng, hui nee,jeremy jee, cherie ,subah, sandi, yuwen, jiajun,amaeru (my pri sch fren) , laveen, yingli, darren (fypee) ,sarah, huan ling, tersoon, gary, nick ong (kor), yong jian , shi ning, daphne , keng koon, michelle , cedric, cheryl, lisa, liling, charlene, paterina, yaozong, ruth, shira, ezza, auntie dora, chern, mummy con, kenneth, kai xin, wen yi (neh), ben di, brandon di, maggie, yin san, rachael, mel fong, val my dearest cousin, kerrian, limin, esther , mel (jie) , liling, natalie, seow fei, wei sheng.

i hope i didnt forget anyone. :D

i went to church for youth and soon after, went to celebrate birthday at gim tin with my family. :D
while waiting, the girls were learning how to wish

mummy and daddy got me my much craved for; lychee martineeee cake!
yays! :D:D didnt get to take a pic of the amazing cake, i think it's on my dad's SLR.

16th aug; today
after church today, went out with liling as planned. little did i expect, she had something up her sleves! thanks for planning yea, MOR too. and thanks for everyone who came to suprise me!
you guys seriously a bunch of good good actors la!
hahaas. still can come to me and tell me sorry this year don have time to prepare cause very busy studying. and i was totally convinced and understand why you guys didnt do much. lol.
anyways i understand , cause uni jus started, and A levels , prelims all coming, poly exams too!

liling managed to stall and trick me into walking almost the WHOLE of marina square where the rest settled at suntec to prepare at fish & co.

when i arrived at Fish & co,
this is what i saw:

and this:

right in front of me when i entered Fish and Co.
so so so shocked ok! the video is on fb, if you happen to see it, please DO NOT LAUGH at me! XD

thie pressies i received with much much thanks:
angel earings
and this photo hanging on my door knob now! (comfrim see everyday honey! :D:D )
thanks so much! i love both of them

from cheryl dear:

this box will come in super super handy for me. thanks so much dear! i would write many many prayer request and remember that GOD is always in control and he's working in me!
along with it came this super duper cute card! love it! esp. the doodle u did for me! :D:D

so cute right! ahhahas.

from : melfy ( the red bottle) and seow fei and kit soon the mango shower! :D
ahaha you all somehow know i body shop fan right! ahhaas.
anyways these bottles will comfirm i smell great in cambodia! thanks! :D:D

yuppies! i jus wanna say thank you so so so much for everything. and more importantly, Thank you GOD! for giving me friends like you guys. all these gestures of love has jus encouraged me to press on even more.
it reminds me of the saying that goes, when u're feeling weary and weak, just press on , for you'll never know what is coming.
thankyou GOD for all these blessings on this very special day of my life.
i'll know i have nothing to fear.
and more importantly, i shall cast my burdens on the LORD! :D

once again, thanks for ALL THE LOVE! <3
i'll be upholding each and everyone of you in my prayers! <3

x0x0 enns. :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

when will i finally be able to laugh with my whole heart again?
when will i finally be able to be whole again.
i can laugh and i smile and can be touched.
but theres always a part, theres always a hole theres always a distant thought at the back of my brain.

i can honestly say i was really really touched today,
when aisyah and the gang came up with the cake to suprise me today.
thanks so much peeps.
i have no idea if it's the stress causing the hormones to act up
or i'm jus going to snap soon.
i have no idea why i'm so emotional and tempremental.
i've no idea why i'm crying so uncontrollably now.
i've no idea why i'm feeeling so helpless, so useless, so ridiculous and so loney now.
i have no idea why my head is aching so much.

i have no idea why my parents demand so much from me now.
i have no idea why i always feel so responsible for all the things around me
i have no idea why i feel so bad and so sad seeing you all hurt.
you probably have no idea how painful it is for me to try to explain to you.
how painful it is for me to see you dissapointed in me.
how hard i'm trying to live to your expectations.

sometimes i just wish i can walk away.
sometimes i wish i can just ignore.
but that's not me.
i deal with it. i solve.
i cannot just sit and watch everything fall apart.
i cannot just let this rot.
i either operate on it or heal it.
this is me.
please try to understand my efforts.
i'm not prefect, but i'm trying to,
i cant change the past, but the future i can.

DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER, would you jus take away all this pain right now?
i need you lord,
please help me to understand.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy national day everyone!

went out with NEH and DARLING after church today.
chilled at bakerzin and TCC! :D:D

our final dish of the day:
neh's second serving of desert:


my most amazing experience of desert. :D:D

my desert :D

neh's first helping of desert.

totally love the concept yo! :D

our tcc lunch:

today was an amazing day!
was nice meeting up today! :D:D

have a wacky and fun national day :D:D